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Seaside LobsterFest in St. Peter's

Seaside Lobsterfest

July 2023

Nicolas Denys Days in St. Peter's

Nicolas Denys Days

August 2023

Swim the Canal in St. Peter's

Swim The Canal

August 2023



September 2023

St. Peter’s Pirate Days

Pirate Days

September 2023

Celtic Colors Festival in St. Peter's

Celtic Colors

October 2023

Festival of Trees in St. Peter's

Festival of Trees

November 2023

Richmond County Winter Festival

Winter Festival

January 2024

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The village of St. Peter’s in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia has a fascinating history. This area was one of the first sites in the New World to be settled by Europeans. Portuguese fishermen established San Pedro near the canal in 1521, however unaccustomed to the severe winters, they departed in 1525. Continuous occupancy dates back to 1650 when it was settled by adventurer Nicolas Denys. Today, the remains of forts, which were the first line of defence and a source of supply for the Fortress Louisbourg, are waiting to be explored in Battery Provincial Park, where a series of walking trails takes you through the park and around the village.



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