Scallywag Sea Skirmish


Scallywag Boat Building Rules in Text Form

Scallywag Sea Skirmish

HAVE FUN! This is a family-friendly event for the big kids among us, meant to foster Pirate pride and YOHOHO. While a little healthy competition is GREAT, let’s demonstrate Pirate ingenuity, perseverance and a never say die attitude.

Judging will be based on overall presentation, appearance, adherence to the rules, costumes, pirate theme and piracy during the event as well as ability to finish the event and remain floating. The bigger and better the ship and production along with ability to withstand the rigours of the event will ensure greater chances at success In the end. The first place finisher is not necessarily the overall winner though it will contribute greatly to your success as will your dedication to the build.

The Ship of Fools event will consist of a time limited race from a SHORE LAUNCH to a buoy off shore. Each Ship must collect a single flag from that buoy. Upon collecting your flag it is time to try sink your enemies like a good pirate should. The last ship floating with its flag at the end of the time limit or when no other ships remain above water with at least one member on board will award you more points and thus make you closer to victory than any other ship.

Each team will be required to pre register by contacting Pirate days email here. Prate Days will post a running roster on its website of competitors, including any challenges between like organizations.

Space is limited for this event Please register early to guarantee a spot.

Boats are required to be in the inspection area between 12pm and 1pm Saturday September 15th, 2018 at Battery Provincial Park in St Peter’s. Please follow signs the day of the event.

Build Rules 2018:

  1. Points in the judging criteria will be split. 50% based on appearance of the build, costumes and presentation and 50% of the points will be based on race worthiness and ability to remain floating throughout the carnage.
  2. The entire hull, superstructure, and seating of all boats must be made of normal, ordinary, everyday, corrugated cardboard. Any thickness is permitted. If it’s not corrugated, don’t use it! This includes carpet tubes, barrels or waxed cardboard
  3. Paper Mache, Tempera Paint, ropes/twine and cotton sheets are permitted above water line for cosmetic purposes.
  4. Single part, water-soluble glue (wood glue) may be used between layers of cardboard or on seams and also for making paper mache. A basic flour water mix may also be used for paper mache or bonding cardboard. Absolutely NO use of two-part glues, tar-based substances, two-part varnishes, fiberglass resin, epoxy glue, caulking or any other two-part substances or corrugated cardboard that’s been bonded to any other material such as vinyl or plastic.
  5. Duct tape may be used over seams or joints only and for making gunnels, ribs, and keels. Covering your boat with duct tape, shrink wrap or anything else other than approved paint is NOT allowed. There must be at least 12 inches between seams and each boat requires a complete freeboard (sides/front/back) a minimum 12″ high.
  6. Metal or plastic staples, clamps, nails, screws, etc, may NOT be used. Only materials found on the approved materials list.
  7. All participants must provide and wear a fastened, approved, personal flotation device (life jacket).
  8. Home made paddles only. Any item on the approved list can be used to build the paddles in any quantity. Sails or other non-motorized propulsion is permitted and even encouraged. Propulsion may not be by a team member/members swimming and pushing or towing the boat or hanging feet off the boat surfboard style and kicking. Paddles, sails, paddlewheels, hot air from a gassy teammate are all permitted forms of propulsion.
  9. Non-motorized boats only. No electrical components permitted. No air bladders, Styrofoam or any other buoyant substance may be used for construction.
  10. There must be 2 adults in the boat minimum and 6 Maximum at time of launch. If any team member ends up in the water They are automatically out of the race and must swim to shore or the rescue boat. Your boat may continue the event with any remaining crew members.
  11. Where the crew sits may not be enclosed and each crew member must be visible. The boat crew must be able to get IN and OUT of the boat easily.
  12. Pirate activities are somewhat encouraged after obtaining your flag. Water devices (guns, buckets, catapults, cannons) to try sinking your opponents are encouraged. Water balloons or any device that leaves garbage/litter behind is not permitted. The boat must be free of sharp edges, pointy objects or anything else that could cause injuries. Ramming is permitted. Hull to hull only.
  13. Your ship must finish with at least one team member on board.
  14. Judges reserve the right to use ice pick type tool to ensure only approved items are used for construction.
  15. Anyone appearing impaired by alcohol or other substances will be banned from racing. Anyone lacking an approved PFD (Lifejacket) will also be banned from racing. The decision of the judges is final. There is no appeal process.
  16. One team member must be appointed Captain. The boat captain must pre-register the team as well as turn in a signed team safety waiver on race day. Any 16-18 year old participants in the Adult race must be supervised by an adult member of the same team and have a parent/guardian also sign the waiver.
  17. The race runs rain or shine (but not lightning). Expect to protect your boats from inclement weather should it occur in the inspection/ pre-race area.

List of approved materials:

Below water line:

Corrugated cardboard any size shape or thickness

Duct tape

Water-based wood glue

Above water line. All items mentioned above plus:

Paper mache with water based glue or flour and water paste only

Rope or twine

Tempra paint

Cotton sheets

Where you can find materials:

Recycle centers/dump

Home appliance stores

Grocery/hardware stores

Cardboard dumpsters

Thrift type stores for sheets and costumes

Paint, rope and twine can also be found at local and online retailers

Please be respectful and ask at all business prior to removing items from dumpsters or garbage piles


St. Peters Pirate Days

2018 Ship of Fools Cardboard Boat Race Waiver – Scallywag Sea Skirmish

Assumption of Risk, Waiver and Release

I and my team are fully aware of the fact that there are special dangers and risks inherent in this activity, including, but not limited to, the risk of serious physical injury, death or other harmful consequences that may arise or result directly or indirectly to me from my participation in this activity. I hereby individually and on behalf of my heirs, executors and assigns, release and hold harmless St. Peters Pirate Days, their committee and volunteers and waiver any right of recovery that might have to bring a claim or a lawsuit against them for any personal injury, death or other consequences occurring to me arising out of my voluntary participation in this activity.

            If I am registering a minor under the age of 18, I certify that I am the parent or legal guardian of the participant named below; that I have read and understood the foregoing release and that I join the release, granting full consent and authorization for the below named person to participate in the activity.

All participants must have their own life jackets.

Print Participants Name __________________________________________________

DOB: ____________________________________________

E-Mail Address: ____________________________________________

Phone Number (______) __________ – _______________

Parent or Guardian Printed Name: ____________________________________________

Signature: __________________________________       Date: _____________________


Please complete the information below.

For any additional questions please use the Questions Section and the end of this page.

Thanks for signing up.

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