Louisbourg300 / Fort Toulouse Celebrations

August 3, 2013

This year marks a special year as St. Peter’s plays host to events being planned in conjunction with Louisbourg300 celebrations. Battery Park in St. Peter’s is home to the ruins of Fort Toulouse which was also established following the Treaty of Utrecht when France transferred its interest to Cape Breton Island from mainland Nova Scotia. The site guarded the portage between Lake Bras d’Or and the interior of Cape Breton, and strengthened the alliance with the Mi’kmaq for whom this area was central. With Fort Toulouse also celebrating its 300th anniversary, and given the strong trading and social connections between Toulouse and Louisbourg, the Village of St. Peter’s is celebrating these ancient connections of commerce and community through a special celebration at Battery Park during the weekend of Nicolas Denys Days.


Book Today for the Beggars’ Banquet on August 3rd! Reserve a ticket by phoning Amanda at 631-0690. Tickets also available at St. Peter’s Visitor Information Centre.



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