About St. Peter’s

The village of St. Peter’s in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia has a fascinating history dating to 1650 when it was settled by adventurer Nicolas Denys. Today, the remains of forts, which were the first line of defense and a source of supply for the Fortress Louisbourg, are waiting to be explored in Battery Provincial Park, where a series of walking trails takes you through the park and around the village.

The famous St. Peter’s Canal, a National Historic site which joins the Atlantic Ocean to the sparkling Bras D’Or Lake, winds it’s way through Battery Provincial Park, creating a popular spot for fishing, picnicking, swimming and site seeing. The Nicolas Denys Museum, adjacent to the canal, tells the story of this famous explorer and fur trader who founded our community.

St. Peter’s, the birth place of world famous marine photographer, Wallace R. MacAskill is a must see. MacAskill’s 115 year old home displays over 100 hand tinted photographs and artifacts dating back to the early days of photography. MacAskill’s famous Bluenose photo is still reproduced on the Canadian dime.

In true Cape Breton fashion, let us tell you about the History of the Village of St. Peter’s!